Connecticut PRIDE Rally and Festival: New Board Announces Plans for 2012-13

[Release by CT Pride]

The Connecticut PRIDE committee, a not for profit organization, has produced events that promote awareness, tolerance, acceptance, and equality for “everyone.” We do this to provide a safe space, a healthy sense of family and identity, and most importantly to save lives.

For the past 30 years we have produced increasingly larger outdoor events throughout CT complete with vendors, entertainment, speakers, food, and more. Last year, having completed a five year reorganization, the 2011 Board of Directors and the small PRIDE committee reached out to the community in an effort to bring in fresh faces and new ideas. Our intent was to induce more community involvement in the production of Pride celebrations in Connecticut. Unfortunately, until relatively recently, we had very little response.

After much planning discussion and many long, grueling hours of debate, the Board decided not to produce a large outdoor event in September 2012.  Instead we recognized a need to focus on a new and much more encompassing development plan for 2013 and on into the future. We now have a very dynamic group of people dedicated to making the New Pride Committee and its productions better than ever.

The Board 2013 Plan:

• CT Pride will become more of a statewide organization by running fund raisers and events in venues throughout Connecticut.

• We are planning 3 major events, Fall 2012, Spring 2013 and June 2013 with a fund raising goal of $50,000, and a larger, reinvigorated outdoor festival in Sept 2013 with a proposed budget of $75,000.

• CT Pride will increase its educational component and produce seminars, workshops and training classes in partnership with community organizations.

• CT Pride will increase our commitment to our community’s Youth and will establish a Youth Garden for children ages 3-15 at our festival events.

• CT Pride will have a new and updated website and will make increased use of all social media. More information will be forthcoming.

We are very excited about our new and more encompassing development plan for Connecticut Pride and look forward to your support and input. Membership on the Pride Committee is open to all and we welcome new committee members as well as input and feedback from the Connecticut LGBTI and allied community. Additionally, opportunities are always available for donations and corporate sponsorship. Please email us at with your input, feedback or information requests for donations and sponsorship.

Yours in Pride,

The Connecticut Pride Executive Board (Brian Couzens, William Urich, Jon Pepe and Jessica Couzens)

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