Massive Crowds “March For Our Lives” Demand Action Against Gun Violence

march for our livesA snap of the March for Our Lives Boston. Photo: Nicole Collins

March for Our Lives’ message was loud and clear

Massive crowds rallied across the country to protest existing gun laws and send a message to lawmakers in Washington and around the world.

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School organized the “March For Our Lives” after a shooter’s rampage killed 17 students and staff on February 14 in Parkland, Fla. In one of the world’s deadliest school shootings. More than 800 anti-gun violence rallies were held worldwide today.

In Washington and other sister protests in Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and more, students from throughout the nation called for Congress to “enact stricter gun-control laws in response to the nation’s relentless two-decade stretch of campus shootings,” reported NBC News.

Their indisputable message, resonating in each of the protests worldwide, was centered around the lack of action that has been typical of federal lawmakers in response to school massacres and inaction regarding gun violence in the country.

Lyrics of a song specifically composed by the Stoneman Douglas Drama Club, highlight the young activists’ message. “You’re not gonna knock us down. We’ll get back up again,” was sung throughout the country in the protests, sending strong and heart-felt messages to the crowds listening, watching and marching with them and by their side today.

“You may have hurt us but promise we’ll be stronger, and we’re not going to let you win. We’re going to put up a fight. You may have brought the dark but together we will shine the light.

“We refuse to be ignored by those who will not listen. … The smallest words can make the biggest difference. … Demand actions from your politicians. … Be the voice for those who don’t have one. … Everyone deserves to be safe. … We won’t go to school in fear. … Together we have the power to change the world …” were part of the powerful lyrics composed by Parkland students.

In Boston, thousands marched through Park Square on Stuart Street to Boston Common, echoing the same sentiments and message of stricter gun laws to federal lawmakers and to the NRA.

March for Our Lives’ protesters showed their presence at the rallies throughout the country. They didn’t need the press to disseminate their message and hundreds of thousands believed in their activism and showed up to support them and stand united in the cause. The Twitter posts depict some of what took place worldwide.


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