The Year in Queer: Celebrities Talk 2012

Dance Floor Legend, Kristine W
Photo: Karl Giant

Dancefloor Legend Kristine W, PHOTO BY: Karl Giant; Out musician Aiden Leslie, PHOTO: Rick Day; Out Diva Frenchie Davis, PHOTO: Robert Ector; Out musician Raph Solo, PHOTO: Michele Martinoli; Comedian Pam Ann, PHOTO:; & Gender Bender Marti Cummings, PHOTO: Jeff Eason

By: Jimmy Newsum/Special for TRT–

Year 2012 was a rollercoaster year, with terrific highs like gay marriage passing in Maryland and Maine, the first gay Senator (Tammy Baldwin) being elected, and of course, Obama winning a second term. Also, another delightful gay show joined prime time television – three cheers for The New Normal!

But there were deep lows too including the devastation of storm Sandy and the continued rise of hate crimes against gay and transgender people. We polled some of our favorite bold-faced names on how they will remember the past year in queer.

Besides Obama winning the election, what was the gay highlight of 2012?

Aiden Leslie: Obama announcing he was pro Gay Marriage!

Marti Cummings: All the great exposure and characters of LGBT folks on television.

Raph Solo: California banning reparative therapy.

Frenchie Davis: That’s a hard one. Oh honey, there are gay highlights everyday. Just ask my hairstylist.

Kristine W: We pushed gay bullying even farther into the spotlight this year.

Pam Ann: My appearance as bar bitch on Andy Cohen’s show with Cyndi Lauper and Sherri Shepherd, of course.

What was the gay lowlight of 2012?

Raph Solo: Jack Reese, the gay Utah teen, committing suicide after being subjected to bullying in school.

Pam Ann: Hurricane Sandy’s devastating effects on my darling East Coast gays.

Marti Cummings: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Aiden Leslie: Mitt Romney.

Kristine W: Straight actors portraying gays as cartoons on TV and movies. I find it demeaning to my peeps.

What is the biggest issue facing the gay community today?

Frenchie Davis: The fights against homophobia in the straight community and bi-phobia in the gay community.

Kristine W: We need to teach safe sex to the youth and educate them on the high cost of AIDS. People can’t survive the disease if they can’t afford the medication.

Raph Solo: In a lot of countries, it is still illegal to be gay. Ignorance breeds a lack of tolerance. We need to stand up and educate people about who we are.

Marti Cummings: What happened to the days of taking to the street and demanding to be heard in a peaceful protest the way Dr. King led his revolution to freedom? We need to take a page from the civil rights movement of the 20th century and form our fight based on those values.

Who was the biggest out star of 2012?

Marti Cummings: Lindsay Lohan, but maybe not for the best reason.

Aiden Leslie: Ellen Degeneres.

Raph Solo: I have a lot of respect for Neil Patrick Harris and his continued outreach to gay youth.

Kristine W: Jane Lynche. She is amazing!

Pam Ann: Joan Rivers… she’s gay, right?

Who do you hope will disappear into the gay abyss in 2013?

Marti Cummings: Bristol Palin and The Kardashians. Bye-bye!

Aiden Leslie: Mitt Romney.

Frenchie Davis: Michelle Bachman and her little husband. I’m sure he is secretly in the mirror somewhere with a hairbrush, lip-syncing to Dreamgirls.

Kristine W: Honey Boo Boo. That poor kid. I hope a fabulous gay uncle appears and sends her to boarding school In Europe. Now that would be a reality show worth watching.

Pam Ann: One Direction could disappear in one direction outta here.

How will you ring in 2013?

Aiden Leslie: Performing my new single, Diamond Dreams, live on stage.

Marti Cummings: In sequins with gratitude and surrounded by twinks.

Raph Solo: With the biggest smile I have ever had, because, finally, I am here, queer and very comfortable with it!

Frenchie Davis: Probably singing somewhere followed by lots of wine.

Kristine W: I hope to ring In the New Year singing, hugging my fans and working “Everything That I Got “.

Pam Ann: I will be at home, in the arms of someone special – a girl can hope!

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