Last 8 Democratic Senators Urged to Support Marriage Equality


WASHINGTON, DC – members from Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, West Virginia, South Dakota, North Dakota, Louisiana and Delaware are leading campaigns to urge their senators not to be the last Democrat to come out in support of marriage equality. Only eight Democratic senators have yet to support the freedom to marry for all couples.

Yesterday, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey announced his support for marriage equality after more than 12,000 members signed a petition to him (see

Now, MoveOn members who are constituents of the remaining 8 Democratic senators are running campaigns to persuade those senators to support equality:

  • In Arkansas, over 900 people are joining Dee Ann Newell, an Arkansas resident and mother, in urging Senator Mark Pryor to support marriage equality.  “My child should be eligible to marry just like your child,” said Newell.   “Denying people the right to marriage is to fail young people in their civil rights.” JOIN DEE’S CAMPAIGN HERE:
  • In Indiana, thousands have joined Edward Cherlin’s petition to Senator Joe Donnelly urging him to support marriage equality.  “54% of Hoosiers oppose a ban on gay marriage,” said Cherlin.  “We need you to stand up publicly to the bullies and bigots along with the majority of Hoosiers in support of our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and families.” JOIN EDWARD’S CAMPAIGN HERE:
  • In Florida, where the majority of residents support allowing all couples to marry, over 500 people are joining Heather Daneshgar in her petition to Senator Bill Nelson urging him to support marriage equality. JOIN HEATHER’S CAMPAIGN HERE:
  • In West Virginia, more than 600 residents are joining father Jason Lockart in his petition to Senator Joe Manchin urging the former Governor to support marriage equality. JOIN JASON’s CAMPAIGN HERE:
  • In Louisiana, Reed Fox and over 400 Louisiana residents are urging Senator Mary Landrieu to publicly come out in favor of same-sex marriage.  “Don’t let Louisiana be the last state to join the marriage equality revolution,” said Fox,  “ People should have the right to love and marry who they want.” JOIN REED’S CAMPAIGN HERE:
  • In North Dakota, over 400 people are joining Jammie K. in her petition to Senator Heidi Heitkamp urging the Senator to speak out for marriage equality. JOIN JAMMIE’S CAMPAIGN HERE:
  • In Delaware, Ezra J Temko started his petition to Senator Tom Carper urging him to join the majority of Delawareans and publicly support marriage equality for same-sex couples.  “Only a handful of Democratic U. S. Senators do not support marriage equality for same-sex couples and Delaware’s Tom Carper is one of that tiny minority,” said Temko.  “My marriage to my husband should be treated equally under the law, and the same is true for other same-sex couples throughout our state and nation.” JOIN EZRA’S CAMPAIGN HERE:
  • In South Dakota, people are joining Alfred Walking Bull, an LGBT Native American from South Dakota in urging Senator Tim Johnson to support marriage equality.  “As a LGBT Native American in South Dakota, served by the tireless efforts of Sen. Tim Johnson, it’s important for our senator to leave a lasting legacy of legal marriage equality that will protect and defend the rights of all LGBT citizens in South Dakota and the United States,” explained Walking Bull.  “ JOIN ALFRED’S CAMPAIGN HERE:

To view all of the 8 petitions go to: is the non-profit, online campaign platform from that lets anyone start and run their own online campaigns.

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