TRT Best of 2017: Exclusive LGBTQ Coverage in New England

best of 2017

Award winning, The Rainbow Times presents you the best of 2017 and what we covered for our readers

By: TRT Editorial Team—

The year 2017 highlighted the coming together of organizations to work locally to provide the necessary protections needed for LGBTQ people in Massachusetts, New England and the country as orders from the White House continued to launch a hateful campaigns against members of marginalized communities—based on religion, immigration status, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, race and ethnicity.

Rising up to counter such vitriol, non-profit organizations forged ahead, and expanded services specifically addressing concerns and needs of the LGBTQ community and the various intersectionalities within it.

Anti-minority messages were seen in more public venues than ever before in modern history. As Trump emboldened deplorables to act, thousands more fought his executive orders. Though hundreds of anti-LGBTQ laws continue to surface aimed at taking away LGBTQ rights leading into the New Year, of most concern in 2017 was the Transgender Military Ban—a direct stroke from Trumps’ pen as a directive to prevent brave trans men and women from serving and dying for their country. The Rainbow Times reported heavily on this story as it continued and continues to unfold.

The Rainbow Times reporters proudly covered these events and more in exclusive and breaking news stories that quickly developed from confidential news tips or releases that turned into unmatched exclusive coverage. Below are some of the articles that were produced in-house. These represent our most memorable coverage in 2017, and it’s not solely editorial picks, but mostly based on feedback and social media shares too.


January, 2017

FADA Could Impede Civil Rights of LGBTQ People Across the Nation … By: Mike Givens 

Historic Battle to End HIV/AIDS Encounters Opposition From Conservatives … By: Mike Givens

LGBTQ Community, Allies Come Together in Lowell to Fight Prejudice, Bigotry … By: Al Gentile


February 2017 (10th Anniversary Issue)

Thousands Protest Trump’s “Muslim Ban;” Judge Issues Stay, Blocks Order … By: Chris Gilmore

LGBTQs & Allies Take On the Cold to Battle Trump Admin … By: Al Gentile

Military Discharge Upgraded to Honorable Discharge For 91-year-old Veteran … By: Jenna Spinelle

Malcolm Ribot: FTM Traveler Trailblazes a Path for Trans Men Across the U.S. … By: Graysen M. Ocasio


March 2017

Mass. Cities & Towns Working to Protect, Support Immigrants & Refugees … By: Mike Givens

LGBTQ Immigrants Face Persecution in U.S. As Executive Orders Loom … By: Mike Givens

New Study Highlights Transgender Disparities Found in Health Care Settings … By Jenna Spinelle

Mass. New Legislative Session: Strong Support for LGBTQ, Youth, Seniors and Women … By: Al Gentile


April 2017

Homeless LGBTQ YouthStill Living on the Margins, Advocates Say … By: Jenna Spinelle

Pride Preview 2017: Celebrating Pride Throughout New England … By: Mike Givens


May 2017 (See New England Pride Guide For More, Below)

GayBFF’s Platonic Social Network Launches in a World Full of HookUp Apps … By: Mike Givens


June 2017

Pulse One Year Later: Honoring Survivors & The 49 Lives Lost … By: Mike Givens

Ballot Initiative to Strip Away Trans Rights Still on Track to be Voted on in 2018 … By: Jenna Spinelle

In the Spotlight: Pulse Orlando Hero Christopher Hansen … By: Mike Givens

Cute Confessions: Queer Stories of Romance, Relationships and True Love … By: Mike Givens


July 2017

Boston Pride Under Fire as Accusations of Transphobia, Racism, Censorship Loom … By: Al Gentile & Mike Givens

Boston Medical Center Releases Study on Gender Affirmation Surgery, Research … By: Mike Givens

BLAA Artists Bring Empowerment, Politics & Arts to the Fore in Response to Trump Presidency … By: Al Gentile

Sexual Minorities Archives Celebrate Grand Re-Opening at New Home in Holyoke … By: Sandra Dias


August 2017

Policymakers Continue Fight for Funding of LGBTQ Youth Programs & Services … By: Al Gentile 

Breaking Down Bisexuality: Understanding the Most Prevalent Sexual Identity Under the LGBTQ+ Umbrella, Part I … By: Mike Givens

LGBTQ Students Seek Culturally Competent Services From Higher Education Institutions … By: Al Gentile 

UMass Amherst Quidditch Team Offers Welcoming Environment to LGBTQ Students … By: Sandra Dias


September, 2017

Cambridge-Based Haven for LGBTQ Homeless Youth Faces Closure in the Fall … By: Al Gentile 

Friends of Pulse Orlando Victim KJ Morris Launch Fundraiser for Memorial Scholarship … By: Sandra Dias

Breaking Down Bisexuality: Understanding the Most Prevalent Sexual Identity Under the LGBTQ+ Umbrella, Part II … By: Mike Givens

Violence in Charlottesville Shines Light on Hate, Bigotry in America … By: Jenna Spinelle 


October 2017

Openly Gay Candidate Takes On Incumbent & LGBTQ Champ in Salem’s Mayoral Race … By: Chris Gilmore

Beyond the Chatter: Polyamorists Talk About Their Experiences, Fears and Philosophies … By: Al Gentile

As Proposed Military Ban Looms, Trans Community Experiences Uncertainty, Frustration … By: Jenna Spinelle


November 2017

Local Queer Dance Party Brings Activism, Inclusivity and Boogie to Boston … By: Al Gentile 

As Boston’s Second Saturdays Comes to a Close, Impact and Memories Live On … By: Al Gentile

First Ever LGBTQ Artists of Color FestivalKicks Off in Boston’s Hibernian Hall … By: Mike Givens

Unitarian Universalist Church in Malden Welcomes First Openly Transgender Minister … By: Jenna Spinelle 


December 2017

Movement Advancement Project Calls Out Federal Attacks on LGBTQ People … By: Al Gentile

State Legislators Fight to Improve Protections for LGBTQ Incarcerees … By: Al Gentile

Queer and Caribbean: LGBTQ+ Culture and the Island Identity … By: Mike Givens


Hottest Columns

Trump presidency will disproportionately affect marginalized communities in years to come … By: Mike Yepes

Sanctuary for Peace: The Will of the People vs. The Arrogance of Ignorance … By: Nicole Lashomb

Op-Ed: Learning From History; How Marriage Equality was Won Across the Nation … By: Keegan O’Brien

Grappling With God: The Never-Ending Struggle to Make Sense of the Senseless and Believing … By: Mike Givens

Society Must Come to Terms With Bisexual Male Identity … By: Jason Graves

Our Story, My Identity, the Wife of a Trans Man … By: Nicole Lashomb

Trump Fails Again: A Despicable Response to PR; How the U.S. Cripples the Island … By: Nicole Lashomb

Endorsement: When It Comes to Salem, No One Beats Kim Driscoll … By: Editorial Team

TDOR and the Silent Killer Named ‘Suicide’ … By: Deja Nicole Greenlaw 

Defiance: Living Your Life As An Openly Trans Person Is A Revolutionary Act … By: Lorelei Erisis


New England Pride 2017 (June)

Perils Of WhiteWashing: The Importance Of Nuanced Dialogue In the Aftermath of Pulse, 1 Year later … By: Javier Fernandez 

During Pride Season, Safe Sex Practices, A Key Concern … By: Al Gentile

Violence Against Transgender Women of Color on the Rise … By: Jenna Spinelle

Ten Misconceptions Around Sex As Told By Several Advocates … By: Al Gentile

Pride Season Is Upon Us, But Whose Pride Is It? … By: Lorelei Erisis

*The Rainbow Times (TRT) is New England’s Largest LGBTQ newspaper and Pride Projects Producer. TRT has been in business for 10 years and has received numerous awards for its coverage from various Massachusetts (Boston, Cambridge, Salem, and others) locations. TRT’s ownership and team is composed of members of the L-G-B and T and Allied communities and is also representative of more than one race and ethnicity, gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation. The Rainbow Times’ philanthropic work will be published online in 2018. 

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